Uniform Parcel Identifier

Hillary Kindervater – UPI Coordinator
email: hkindervater@juniataco.org

Phone: 717-436-7711
Fax: 717-436-7756
Office location: 1 N Main St, Mifflintown PA, 17059
Postal address: P.O. Box 68, Mifflintown, PA 17059

Uniform Parcel Identifier Will Begin May 1st.
Same Day Verification Is Not Guaranteed After 3:30PM.

Temporary Policy Regarding the Recording of Municipal Approved Plans

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What is Uniform Parcel Identifier (UPI)

A UPI number also known as the property identification number. It’s a series of numbers that separates the municipality, map, parcel and special.

Why Have a UPI Ordinance?

By instituting this ordinance, the county looks forward to being able to have a better interconnectivity between multiple offices that work with land records. In addition, the UPI will become a searchable item in the Recorder of Deeds Office. Hopefully, this will help the public and professionals more easily identify the connection between those instruments with a given Uniform Parcel Identifier and the county records they reference.

What Would Expedite the Process?

Accurate information will always be a benefit in the processing of the UPI’s. When preparing the instruments, take extra care to avoid typographical errors. Be certain to include all the pertinent information in the instruments that will help to identify them with their corresponding UPI’s. For example; is there an existing UPI? If someone is only a part interest owner in a piece of realty, who are the other owners? Where does title for a property come from, is it “being on the same premises as….”? Is the proper reference made to a filed subdivision? Are there subdivision stipulations? Does it contain all the exceptions and reservations? Having more information that matches to existing records will help us verify more quickly, as well as assigning new UPI’s if needed.

What is the UPI Fee?

There is a $20 recording fee. This fee is due at the time recording.

Why Must I Have a UPI Number Certified?

A UPI Number is certified in order to ensure that the UPI Number on the deed or other documents matches the County’s records for the parcel of real estate involved and the listed owners of the real estate, etc. With the ability to search real estate records by the UPI Number, the County needs to ensure that the document and corresponding UPI Number is correct BEFORE the document is recorded.

You can contact the UPI certification staff in two manners:

  1. Email: Complete the online Juniata County Uniform Parcel Identifier Application form requesting a new UPI Number.  Email the form along with a full scan of the document to be recorded and a copy of the approved subdivision plan to the UPI certification staff. The staff will review the documentation, ensure a new UPI Number is necessary and assign the new UPI Number. The email address is: upi@juniataco.org
    • A copy of the UPI Application containing the new UPI Number for the new parcel will be returned to the applicant using the email address of the sender.
  2.  In person visit: You are welcome to come to the public counter in the UPI Certification portion of the Assessment Office.  You will be requested to complete the Juniata County Uniform Parcel Identifier Application form and provide a copy of the entire document to be recorded along with a copy of the approved subdivision plan.
    • The UPI certification staff will issue a new UPI Number.

NOTE:  This is only to obtain a new UPI Number.  The final document submitted to the Recorder of Deeds Office for recording will need to receive UPI certification.

To ensure the newly created parcel is extracted from the correct parent parcel, it is also necessary to include the UPI of said parent property. Therefore, a minimum of TWO UPI Numbers must be included on the document for newly created parcels

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