Special Needs Registry

In the event of a fire or other emergency situation, would you or someone you know with special needs require assistance?

A person with special needs is defined as, "An individual who is likely to require assistance in excess of that provided to the general public in a time of disaster, particularly in the event that large scale evacuation is necessary." This could include those who are disabled, bedridden, mentally impaired, or lacking transportation necessary to evacuate.

A website has been developed to collect information about persons with special needs living in private residences within Juniata County. Information will be kept confidential and only be made available to Emergency Response Personnel during an emergency to locate and promptly assist those individuals who have special needs.

The last page of the survey will ask you if you would like the American Red Cross of Susquehanna Valley to contact you and provide information about how individuals and families can better prepare themselves for disasters. This service is provided at ABSOLUTELY NO COST. If you answer no, you will not be contacted.

Everyone is encouraged to better prepare themselves and their families for potential disasters. A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to survive in your home for 72 hours with no outside assistance. The American Red Cross can assist you in meeting this goal.

Special Needs Survey

***** DISCLAIMER *****

The Special Needs Survey (SNS) is an effort by county government to better identify those in our community who are most at risk during a disaster.

During a disaster the information submitted in the SNS will be taken into consideration along with other variables such as the scope of the incident and the resources available. All of this information collectively will be used to identify what level of assistance will be provided.

Completion of the Special Needs Survey unfortunately DOES NOT guarantee that assistance will be available in the event of an emergency. However, without completing the survey the County may not have enough information to properly assist those with special needs should a disaster occur.

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To use the SNS Website, you’ll have to register first. When you do, you can be notified by local officials when an evacuation has been ordered.

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