Juniata County Anonymous Tip Line

See Something? Say Something.

NOTICE: The Anonymous Tip Line is NOT monitored 24/7 and should NOT be used for instances requiring immediate assistance. Please dial 911 in the event of an emergency.

*** The anonymous tip portal has been created to receive information from those individuals who are reluctant to become involved in reporting criminal activity but realize that injustice has occurred. Submitters are encouraged to leave their contact information, but may choose to leave information anonymously.



Please answer the following questions in the box provided below:

1. What type of crime is being committed?
2. Where did this crime occur? (Provide exact location and address if possible. If reporting a fugitive, also list places frequented.)
3. Dates and Times this Crime Occurs or Occurred
4. Description of Those Involved (Name, Race, Sex, Age, Height, Weight, Hair Color, Tattoos, Employer, Address, etc.)
5. Vehicles Involved (Year, Make, Model, Color, License Number)
6. How is crime being committed? (Buying, Selling, Using, Growing of Drugs, Weapons, Location of Contraband or Tools of the Crime)
7. Additional Comments: Anything you feel is important in proving this crime.
8. Upload Any Files, Pictures, Videos, etc. You May Have of the Crime (Please Note: The best course of action here is to create a separate Album with all associated files in Google Photos, create a shareable link, and copy said link into the message box below.)

*** If you are willing to cooperate further and wish to be contacted, you may leave your Full Name and Email Address in the associated boxes below.***

We thank you for doing your part in keeping our community safe!!!