Laurie S. Hower, Treasurer
Phone:  717-436-7742
Fax:  717-436-7735
Office location:  The Bousum Building, 26 North Main St.
Postal address:  P.O. Box 68, Mifflintown, PA 17059

The Treasurer’s Office provides the service of licensing. Some of the licenses that are sold include:

The Treasurer’s Office also works closely with the township and borough tax collectors. Each month the tax collectors turn over the tax monies that have been collected to the Treasurer’s Office.

Another duty of the Treasurer’s Office is to register hotels/room rental establishments in Juniata County and collect the required 5% hotel tax due to the county. The hotel tax revenue of 4% is remitted to our local Juniata River Valley Visitors Bureau who promotes our local establishments and local sites available to visitors of our beautiful area. All hotel/room rental establishments are required to register with the Treasurer’s Office within (30) days after commencing business. Registration and Hotel Tax Return Forms can be found at HERE under Forms from Treasurer’s Office.

The County Treasurer is elected to a four year term. The next election will be in 2025.

Licensing Provided by the Treasurer

Several license applications that must be submitted to the Treasurer’s Office are provided here for you to download and print. Remember to bring your identification and other necessary documents to obtain your license from the County Treasurer or Treasurer’s Agent.

Dog licenses

Pennsylvania State Law mandates that all dogs 3 months of age or older must be licensed. You can either print out one of the following license applications and send or bring it to the Treasurer’s office in Mifflintown, or buy your dogs’ licenses online. Either way, dog licenses must be purchased by January 1st of each year no matter when the license was purchased the previous year.

Dog licenses for 2023 are now on sale at the Treasurer’s office, MK Sales in Mifflintown, Schlegel Groceries in Thompsontown, and Oriental Store in Oriental.

Annual Dog License Application

Lifetime Dog License Application

Disability Affidavit 

Application to Transfer Dog License

Request for Replacement of Lifetime Dog License

Notice: In order to obtain a lifetime license your dog needs to be tattooed or micro-chipped as a means of permanent identification. A Permanent Identification Verification Form must be completed before a Lifetime Dog License will be issued. This is a signed statement from your dog’s veterinarian indicating that the animal has been permanently identified. Please be sure the BV number is included as it is required to be able to complete the license application.

Send or bring completed applications to:
Juniata County Treasurer, 26 North Main Street, P.O. Box 68, Mifflintown, PA 17059
Call us at 717-436-7742 if you have any questions.

Bring your personal identification when you apply for your dog’s license. If you are a senior citizen aged 65 or older or if you have a disability, make sure to bring your proof of age or disability.

Instead of coming into the Treasurer’s office, you can purchase dog licenses online with a valid debit or credit card. Keep a record of your electronic receipt and watch your mail for the metal dog tags that will be sent to you from this office. An additional $2 fee is assessed for each dog license purchased online.

Fishing license

Fishing licenses can be purchased online directly at the HuntFishPA shop or in the treasurers office.

2022 Fishing Licenses are presently on sale.

Boat launch license

Motor boats need to be registered and titled in Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC).

Unpowered boats, like canoes and kayaks, need to be licensed to use Commission access areas, PA state parks, or PA state forests. The Treasurer’s Office is just one of the PFBC Issuing Agents for Un-powered Boat Launch (Use) Permits in Juniata County.

Bring your identification and the hull identification number of your boat. A one-year permit is $13.97 and a two-year permit is $23.97.

Boat Launch/Use Permits are also available online at the HuntFishPA shop.

Hunting and furtaking licenses

2022-2023 Hunting Licenses are presently on sale! 


All hunting and furtaking licenses are now recorded electronically. Pre-printed, paper licenses will no longer be used. Come to our office to apply for your license and make sure to have your driver license and social security number. Alternatively, hunters and furtakers can purchase licenses online via the HuntFishPA shop.

All first-time hunters and trappers are required by law to complete a six-hour training class before they can buy a license. Take the Online Hunter-Trapper Safety Course if you’re 16 or older. Otherwise, check the Hunter-Trapper Education Class Calendar for a session near you plus Advanced Hunter Education Courses.

Bingo license

Bingo license application

Bring your identification and, if this is your organization’s first application, bring the organization’s Charter or Articles of Incorporation that prove non-profit status and two-year eligibility.

Renewal of Regular License:

An application must be completed for each license renewal each year. The application procedure is the same as for an initial regular license. The fee for a regular license renewal is $100. The license is valid for one year from date of issue.

Three Consecutive Day License:

An eligible association may apply for a license that permits the association to play the game of bingo for three consecutive days. The application procedure is the same as for an initial regular license.

The fee for a Three Consecutive Day license is $15. The applicant must be prepared to state the dates they intend to conduct the games. An association is eligible for only one Three Consecutive Day License per year and if so licensed, may not apply for a Regular License for one year from the date the final game was played.

Agricultural Association or County Fair License:

An eligible agricultural or county fair association may apply for a license that permits the association to conduct the game of bingo at the association’s event for a period not exceeding ten days. The application procedure is the same as for an initial regular license.

The fee for Agricultural Association or County Fair license is $100. The applicant association must be prepared to state the dates they intend to conduct the games. An association is eligible for only one Agricultural Association or County Fair License per year and if so licensed, may not apply for a Regular License for one year from the date the final game was played.

Senior Citizen Group License:

An association whose membership consists exclusively of elderly residents of a senior citizen housing project may apply for a license that permits the playing of bingo only by members of the association.

The fee for a Senior Citizen Group License is $50. The application procedure is the same as for an Initial Regular License. The license is valid for one year from date of issue.

Bingo Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a license valid?
All licenses are valid for one year from date of issue. An association applying for a three consecutive day license must specify the dates they intend to conduct bingo and an association granted a three consecutive day license cannot apply for and be granted any other bingo license for one year from the date of issue of the three consecutive day license.
Can an eligible association permit its license to be used by another association to play bingo?
No. Only the association in whose name the license is issued may conduct bingo.
Can an auxiliary to an association use the license of the licensed association to conduct bingo?
Yes. Auxiliary groups within associations shall be eligible to conduct bingo using the license issued to the association provided that the auxiliary group or groups are listed on the application for license and the license of the association. Regardless of which group in the association is using the license, bingo may only be played twice in any week.
How does an association establish that it is an association as defined by the law?
The association must meet the definition of an association found in 303 of the law. The association must be able to prove that it has been in existence for two years prior to making application for a license. Upon making application for a bingo license, the association’s Articles of Incorporation and bylaws must accompany the application. If the association is not incorporated, it must provide its bylaws and if not expressly explained therein, a written statement by the association’s President or Secretary indicating the requirements for obtaining membership in the association.
Once issued, can a Bingo License be revoked?
Yes. The County Treasurer can revoke a license upon recommendation of the District Attorney if it is found that grounds for revocation listed in 306 of the Law exist.
Who investigates violations of the Bingo Law?
The district attorney is charged with investigating violations of the Law, however, any state, county or local law enforcement official is empowered to investigate violations of the Law.
Do some municipalities prohibit bingo?
No. Unlike Local Option Small Games of Chance Act, there is no referendum requirement in the Bingo Law.
Where can bingo be played?
Bingo, with one exception, may only be played at the association’s licensed premises (regular place of business, or other location specifically listed on the association’s application) Each association must list its “licensed premises” on it license application. An association may conduct bingo at the association’s exposition, carnival or fair site for a period not to exceed ten days.
Are there age restrictions on who can play bingo?
No, except that anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
Are there limits on prizes?
Yes, there are very specific prize limits. 305 (c) (3) of the Law states, “Prizes awarded shall not exceed a value of $250 for any one game of bingo, except for jackpot games which shall not exceed a value of $2,000 for one such game. In addition, no more than $4,000 in prizes shall be awarded in any calendar day.”
Are there limits on how often an association can conduct bingo?
Yes. Bingo can be played no more than twice in any one week, except that an association may conduct bingo for a period not exceeding ten days at the association’s exposition, carnival or fair site in addition to the regularly scheduled games.

For further information refer to the Pennsylvania Bingo Law.

Small games of chance licenses

For information on Small Games of Chance please refer to the following website:
Small Games of Chance

Eligible organizations may apply by completing the Small Games of Chance License Application. The executive officer or secretary must have their signature notarized on the application. Make sure to attach the required documents as indicated on the application and submit the application fee to the Treasurer’s office. If you have any questions, please contact us at 717-436-7742.

Juniata County townships and boroughs that permit small games of chance include: