Fee Schedule for Sheriff’s Services

Effective January 2006

Due to Senate Bill 839 which amends the Sheriff Fee Act to increase fees that are charged by the sheriffs for duties performed and the rising costs of advertising, our office will now require the following advance deposits for service in Juniata County.

Writ of Summons, Complaints, etc. requiring service in Juniata County (1 or 2 Defendants) $120
Each Defendant over two $20
Writ of Summons, Complaints, etc. requiring service in another county (call our office at 717-436-2213 so costs required for other counties can be included in advance deposit) $150
Personal Property Executions $300
Real Property Executions $2,000

Any unused portion of the deposit will be refunded after service has been completed. Any additional costs will be billed and must be paid before a return of service will be filed.

Any services not in compliance with the above requirements will not be served until such advance deposits are received by the Sheriff’s office.