Elected Officials

41st Judicial District
The County Commissioners serve as the Chief Elected Officials of County Government. As the Chief Executive Body of Juniata County they are responsible for budgeting, the setting of County real estate millage, maintenance of County buildings, County Personnel, and are responsible for the implementation of various programs mandated by the Federal and State Government.
District Attorney
The District Attorney is the Chief Law Enforcement officer in the County. The District Attorney initiates all criminal complaints and conducts all criminal and other prosecution before the Court in the name of the Commonwealth.
Magisterial District Judges
Clerk of Orphans’ Court
The Clerk of Orphans’ Court issues all marriage licenses, handles all adoptions and incompetences, and presents all First and Final Accounts files in the estate to the court for confirmation.
The Prothonotary’s Office is a dual function Row Office that includes the Prothonotary and the Clerk of Courts.
Recorder of Deeds
The Recorder of Deeds office handles all transactions dealing with real estate, which includes the recording of deeds, mortgages, and various miscellaneous items.
Register of Wills
The Register of Wills office probates the wills of all decedents and issues letters of administration and testamentary in each estate.
The Sheriff’s Department is an organization of men and women dedicated to protecting and serving the citizens of Juniata County.
The Treasurer’s office serves as a fiscal department for the county and provides the service of licensing.