Victim Witness Program

Sylvia Middaugh, Coordinator
Phone:  717-436-7727
Fax:  717-436-7726
Office location:  North Main Street, Mifflintown
Postal address:  P.O. Box 68, Mifflintown, PA 17059


The Victim Services staff shall serve as an advocate on behalf of victims and witnesses to ensure that they are treated with dignity, compassion and respect throughout the criminal justice system and to promote justice and healing for all victims of crimes.


The Victim/Witness Services Coordinator is responsible for the delivery of services to victims and witnesses of crime in Juniata County. This position is also responsible for the recruitment of additional program resources, public education and appropriate public relations.


As the Victim/Witness Coordinator our responsibilities are to the Victims and Witnesses of crimes and to keep them informed about proceedings pertaining to the case in which they are involved. We provide victims and witnesses with the opportunity to make statements to the court about matters pertaining to the case. It is also our responsibility to notify the victims and witnesses of any court proceedings so as to keep them involved in the criminal justice process. Our services are not only for notification purposes, but also provide support for those victims of personal crimes. In cases in which the victim needs additional support we are prepared to assist in applying for Victim Compensation claims and referrals for counseling in relation to the crime committed.


All victims have a right:

  • To receive basic information on the services available
  • To be notified of significant criminal and juvenile justice actions and proceedings
  • To be accompanied to all criminal proceedings
  • To have the opportunity to offer prior comment on the reduction/dropping of a charge or change in a plea in a criminal or juvenile proceeding when a personal injury crime or burglary is involved or diversion of any case
  • To have prior comment on sentencing decisions or disposition of a juvenile to include the submission of a written and oral victim impact statement
  • To be restored to a pre-crime economic status through restitution, compensation through the Crime Victims Compensation Program and the return of property
  • To be given the opportunity to provide prior comment on and notice of post-sentencing release decisions involving an offender who is sentenced to a state correctional institution when a personal injury crime is involved
  • To receive notice of the release of an offender from a local correctional facility when the offender either violates a protection from abuse order or commits a personal injury crime against a victim protected by order
  • To receive notice when an offender is transferred from a state correctional institution to a mental health facility and of the discharge, transfer or escape of the offender from the mental health facility
  • To have assistance in the preparation of, submission of, and follow-up on financial assistance claims to the Crime Victims Compensation


PA SAVIN is a State Automated Victim Information and Notification program which allows not only victims of crimes, but anybody to register anonymously to receive notification upon an offender’s release. Registration and notification is free and confidential, therefore the offender will not know that someone has registered for the service. More information can be found on the PA SAVIN website. This is only for local prisons and is not linked to state prisons, however you can find a link to the state prison listed below.


PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency

PA Office of the Victim Advocate


PA Department of Corrections and Inmate Locator


National Victim Notification Network