Planning Commission

Mission Statement

The mission of the Juniata County Planning Commission is to provide strategic, coordinated and objective guidance and oversight to the growth, planning and development activities of Juniata County. In doing so, it is the goal of the Commission to ensure that Juniata County’s future is characterized by a healthy environment, economy, and society achieved through proactive planning, citizen representation, effective communication and the provision of professional services from the Juniata County Planning Department.

Juniata County Planning Commission Meeting

The Juniata County Planning Commission meets every third (3rd) Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Juniata County Children & Youth Services Building at 133 Industrial Circle.

The Planning Commission meeting agendas will be available by 12:00pm every third (3rd) Monday of the month.

Agendas for the meeting may be found HERE.

Plan Reviews

Information regarding submitting plans to be reviewed by the Juniata County Planning Commission can be found on our Plan Reviews page.

Annual Reports

In order to get a better understanding of what the Juniata County Planning Commission does on a yearly basis, you can read their Annual Report at the following link: Juniata County Planning Commission Annual Reports

Juniata County Planning Commission’s Purpose

Through its activities and those provided by the Mifflin County Planning Department, the Juniata County Planning Commission’s purpose is to:

  • Provide the orderly growth, development and redevelopment of Juniata County in accordance with the long-term objectives, principles and standards in the best interest and welfare of its citizens and political subdivisions
  • Coordinate and integrate plans for orderly growth, development and redevelopment of Juniata County
  • Improve the social and economic climate and well-being of the County
  • Encourage appropriate land use and the efficient use of fiscal resources through implementation of the County Comprehensive Plan
  • Encourage the maximum utilization of the existing infrastructure and plan for new infrastructure, including housing
  • Promote the conservation and effective use of energy, land, water and air in Juniata County, as well as the preservation of unique historic, cultural and natural features and resources
  • Promote and assist in achieving improved traffic and transportation flow
  • Collect and distribute relevant County and regional data and information
  • Ensure that citizens and municipal officials are well informed of their responsibilities regarding effective planning and development in Juniata County
  • Ensure consistency, coordination and communication between and among the County’s municipal planning entities
  • Encourage the continued support of a fully staffed Planning Department
  • Encourage effective coordination and communication between all County entities, agencies and organizations whose activities either influence or are influenced by the effective planning and development of Juniata County

Planning Commission Members

  • Christopher Snyder, Chairman
  • Ben Kerstetter, Vice Chairman
  • Harry F. Leach, Secretary
  • Richard A. Leitzel
  • Kevin Mummah
  • Todd Parson
  • Craig Strawser
  • Glenn C. Supplee
  • Greg Watkins