Plan Reviews

In order to have plans reviewed by the Planning Commission, at least one complete plan must be submitted to the planning office per the posted schedule.

Schedule may be accessed by this link: 2024 Planning Commission Meeting Dates.

A county planning office staff member will be available on the day the plans are due to go over submitted plans.

Effective immediately, when submitting plans with the application and fee, the Planning Office requires only one paper copy.

  • An electronic copy should be provided in a PDF, if possible. This can be submitted via e-mail as an attachment.
  • Revisions can be submitted electronically as well, and no paper copies will be required at the Planning Commission meeting if submitted electronically as a PDF file.
  • Attendance to the monthly Planning Commission meeting by the surveyor or engineer that submitted the plan is encouraged.
  • A completed Subdivision and Land Development Application must accompany each plan submitted to the Juniata County Planning Office for planning commission review. The fee must be submitted with the plan application.

An electronic form suitable for computer use is available here: Subdivision and Land Development Application.