Heating Assistance

Provided here are a few links and information regarding heating assistance. If you need help, please consult these resources or phone Human Services at 717-242-5452.

Heating Companies with Assistance Programs

Heating CompanyPhone Number
Citizens Energy
Oil Heat Program

Citizens Energy has partnered with CITGO to work with thousands of oil heat providers and local fuel assistance agencies to provide a one-time delivery of 100 gallons of heating oil to eligible families.


The federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, LIHEAP, is available in the winter months to help low-income families pay their heating bills. The grant-based program sends funds directly to the utility company to help pay for your heating expenses. You must meet specific income guidelines to be eligible.

The LIHEAP Crisis Grant is available to help low-income families who are without heat or in danger of losing their main heating source. The crisis program sends a grant to the utility company to help pay for more heat or to repair the broken heating source. You must meet specific income guidelines to be eligible.

Juniata County residents should call 717-436-2158 to apply for heating assistance. Mifflin County residents should call 717-248-6746 to apply.

Energy Bank

Mifflin-Juniata Energy Bank is administered by United Way of Mifflin-Juniata. Program services are available November through March annually. Information is available by calling 717-447-5121.

Warm Centers

If you do get caught with heating troubles this winter, refer to this list of Warm-Cool Shelters where you can find relief from the extreme weather.

Additionally, 24/7 shelter is provided by New Shelter Services, Inc.

ProviderPhone Number
New Shelter Services
13 Depot Street
Lewistown, PA 17044